About us

Welcome to BLC

British Language Centre, Bahrain was established in 2008 and is known for its excellence in delivering English language courses to children, young people and adults.

Our dedicated team of Bahraini Admission Officers are trained to offer information related to courses at the BLC. They are committed to ensuring students, parents and employers are continually updated and informed of progress.Our teachers are qualified and experienced British professionals who are committed to delivering high quality interactive courses. This combination enables us to offer a professional, organised service alongside stimulating and communicative courses.

Who We Are

The British Language Centre was established in 2008 by R.Alsaegh, Strategic Director and J.Froggatt, Operational Director. In April 2010 the BLC relocated to its current premises which is a new purpose built centre in Janabiya, next to Saar Secondary Girls School. The BLC has excellent facilities, ample parking space and is easy to locate although away from traffic and noise. Classrooms are modern, spacious and equipped with interactive smart boards. The Study Area offers students a place to socialize and study. If you haven’t visited us yet, feel free to visit and find out more about the BLC.

Our Aim

The British Language Centre endeavours to deliver high quality, innovative and inspiring English language courses for children, young people and adults in a student friendly environment. Courses at the British Language Centre are designed to develop English language skills, confidence, self esteem, interpersonal skills and understanding between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our vision is to see the British Language Centre become a hub of creative and educational activity for children and young people in the Kingdom of Bahrain that has a positive impact upon academic, professional and personal lives.


Employ professionals from the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries to enhance the programmes offered to students.
Practise an interactive and communicative approach to learning.
Ensure that each student has the maximum opportunity to practise and develop skills.
Teach Cambridge University Press curricula on all courses.
Selected text books that combine all key language skills in a modern and contemporary style to motivate and interest students. Key learning outcomes can be easily transferred into daily communication at school, university, the work place or during leisure time.
Offer a quiet and safe location, away from traffic and main roads, and an ideal environment to study – Janabiya (next to Saar Secondary Girls’ School).
Have excellent car parking facility.


BLC Values

Hope: we believe every child and young person has the right to reach their full potential. Our aim is to provide a positive and safe environment which will enable learning to excel and every individual to feel valued.
The centre operates in a culturally sensitive manner respecting cultural and religious beliefs and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Quality: superior services for children and young people.
Choice: we encourage empowerment and promote decision making based upon informed choices.


The most important reason to study at the BLC is because we care. We aim to deliver excellence in all our services.

We want to see our students develop and change.

Improving English Language skills at the BLC involves developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Most of all we want to see increased self confidence, self esteem and the development of interpersonal skills. When these essential components begin to grow, English language skills, competencies and motivation will naturally develop.

Here are some of our key features:

our new purpose built centre is located in Janabiya, next to Saar Secondary Girl’s School. The centre is about 3 minutes from Saar Cinema and Janabiya Highway (sign posted along both routes).
we’re located in a safe, quiet place, away from busy main roads – an ideal location to study.
there’s lots of parking space.
it’s a welcoming and friendly place to study.
courses are excellent value for money. Education is an investment in your life and future.
there’s excellent support and guidance. A dedicated team to provide efficient, helpful and professional assistance. Team members speak both Arabic and English.
an excellent team of British teachers who ensure courses are delivered to a high standard. Classes are interactive and engaging allowing students to develop language and interpersonal skills.

Our Approach

We understand that students study English for a whole host of reasons, including academic, personal and professional development.
During your registration appointment, one of our trained Admissions officers will discuss your goals and reasons for studying the English language.
Courses develop the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing along with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Classes involve a combination of presentations by the teacher, class discussions, small group work, pair work, individual tasks, conversations, presentations, communication activities as well as reading, listening, writing, and grammar based activities. Courses are designed to be interactive and engaging. We recognize that students have different learning styles so we ensure a variety of learning styles and strategies take place throughout each course.
Following a registration appointment a placement test will be arranged. This enables us to place each student on an appropriate course.
Call us on 17791468 or email enquiry@britishlanguagecentre.co.uk to find out more or book a registration appointment.